What's On Blog / A close call while rock fishing for our team member Ben

Published by Kurri Kurri Aquatic & Fitness : 24-05-2018

A close call while rock fishing for our team member Ben

A close call while rock fishing for our team member Ben

Hi everyone

You might know me as a teacher and coach at the KKAFC.

On Monday morning I was rock fishing at Boat Harbour with two friends. A freak wave swept me up. As you can see the water came up alot higher than we ever expected it to come up.  When we started out on our adventure it was log tide and high tide was not expected for at least 3 hours.

I was dragged about 5 meters along the rocks and then dumped about 3 meters down into the ocean off the rock shelf.

I had no life jacket. I had to swim for my life. I am a good swimmer, but while I was twisted about under the water with more water flowing down on top of me I did think that I was going to drown. After I took a breath that drew in only water my face finally came up, and I could see that my friends were reaching out from the rocks with a long pole.

When I climbed back up onto the rock shelf I was exhausted. It felt like I was in the water forever. Everything happened in slow motion. I am ok, other than some flesh wounds.  I was wearing running shoes, tracksuit pants and a jacket.  Im actually really glad i made that choice of clothing as due to getting tumbled agains the rocks they protected me and the running shoes compared to gum boots allowed me to be able to kick and attempt to swim.

If I had hit my head while tumbling over the rocks, if one of my friends had fallen in, if I’d been wearing my backpack then I would have died. If I was wearing a life jacket I might have survived even those difficulties.

It’s embarrassing to tell you this story, because I know how often I have told children in my lessons to wear life jackets. Please. Wear a life jacket. It doesn’t matter how confident you are in your surroundings and abilities.

Life jackets save lives.

Yours in Aquatics,

Ben Seamer

News Summary

Recently our team member Ben, had a very scary experience while rock fishing. Read about the importance of wearing a lifejacket and how this could have been a very different outcome.

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